About Author and Error Geek

Hello Geeker, first of all, I warmly welcome you on my site Error Geek. The reason why I decided to write ‘About Author and Error Geek’ session is that I wanted to make a clear point of view of what will you find on Error Geek despite gaming. Putting my one and only interest to write about games aside, I have many other ideas to write about too i.e cooking, fashion, home decorating, and health & fitness. I would love to share pretty much everything with you.

On Error Geek you will find much more than gaming. Let me introduce to you myself first. My name is Noor Nisa. I am a proud Muslim girl lives in Pakistan (Alhumdullilah). Error Geek was never my site my elder brother gave it to me. In our house, we only have an Xbox 360, on which we play little games including; Fifa 18, Injustice: God Among us, Hitman: Absolution and a bunch of other games. You see, we’re not professional gamers.

I wanted to make Error Geek a big platform where you can find interesting things despite the fact, I am such a sloth. Still, I would try my best.About Author and Error Geek