10 Amazing Selfie Camera apps for Android (2019)

We all love to capture moments, especially in a family get-together. Taking selfies is one of the most important things for this generation. Think of this for a while, our Ancestors were never like as we are today. They would sit down and have deep conversations with their loved ones. There was no need to take selfies or capture every moment that happens.10 Amazing Selfie Camera apps for Android (2019)

But today, science has made tremendous advancements in technology. We all have become so obsessed with these advancements. The Internet is so far the major achievement of science. Today we have pretty much everything on our fingertips.

If I get started with this topic that would definitely take me a whole day to explain so I think we should focus on our today’s article. This article is for Android users, you will find out about the 10 amazing selfie camera apps in 2019 based on highest rating and reviews.10 Amazing Selfie Camera apps for Android in 2019

There are thousands of selfie camera apps available at Google Play. This list is going to help you with which app is much better for you whether it’s about updating your Insta profile, facebook, snapchat etc. Grab your coffee and read this article till the end and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 Amazing Selfie Camera apps for Android

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 is probably the best selfie camera app because I’ve installed and used this app for about 2 years. This app has so many features to offer, with over 500K downloads on Google Play. B612 has over 1,500 different stickers with facial recognition that can change your face and turn you into a cute animal.B612- Beauty & Filter camera

Make your day perfect with B612 beauty & filter camera. This selfie camera app will transform your daily looks with high-quality filters, perfect for selfies. Creating high-quality music videos is super easy with B612. Find out more about this amazing app by clicking the link given below.

Download B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is a free filer selfie camera & photo editor app. With over 100K downloads on Google Play, Candy Camera hold the #2 position in this high-rated list of selfie camera apps for Android in 2019. Candy Camera has pretty much every feature to offer but there is this one thing I like about this app a lot. Collage, making collages was never been easy but with Candy Camera capture countless pictures and make a collage of your own style by choosing different grids and styles.Candy Camera

Have fun taking selfies with your loved ones. Take silent selfies anytime anywhere you go, nobody will know because the camera is silent. Select seasonal stickers, decorate your selfies with Candy Camera’s huge sticker collection. There are many other things you can find out about Candy Camera by clicking the link given below.

Download Candy Camera

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie is a selfie camera and photo editing app. According to Google Play, it is the most high-rated selfie camera app with over 1M downloads. There are a bunch of filters and special stickers to make your selfies look smart, beautify and amazing. Sweet Selfie makes your collage-selfies more beautiful than ever. Download Sweet Selfie today and have fun with your loved ones.Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie has recently updated new features including animal stickers, other fashionable stickers like hairstyles, tattoos, wings, and much more.

Download Sweet Selfie

BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor and Selfie Camera

Make your selfies more recognizable with BeautyPlus, an easy photo editing app with over 300K downloads on Google Play. There is nothing to understand, you’re gonna download the app, select a filter, click a selfie and Voila. It offers simple but powerful photo editing tools, artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and much more. Learn a new way to take your selfie game to the next level. Share your daily life selfies with your loved ones on your social media accounts.BeautyPlus

Download BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

YouCam Perfect

I remember, downloading YouCam Perfect selfie camera app on my very-new smartphone was actually fun. I would usually take several selfies and edit them by trying out different features each time. Once I transformed myself into a Chinese girl with YouCam Perfect, I still have that picture of me.YouCam Perfect

So, yeah YouCam Perfect is a beautiful selfie camera app, I would definitely recommend. There are a bunch of different features YouCam Perfect offer including real-time beautifying effects, full-editing toolkit, and more. You can also share your selfies with your loved ones.

Download YouCam Perfect


Retrica is an artistic photo editing app. I have this app installed in my Android and I often use it. So far, I found this app an interesting tool to use if you wanted to look artistic or photoshopped in your selfies. With the help of mesmerizing filters make your selfies more personalized than ever before, share your pictures with friends.Retrica

Retrica have more than 100+ filters to choose from, make stunning collages and multiple videos/GIFs. Find out more about the app, click on the link given below.

Download Retrica

Bestie – Camera360 Selfie

When I was in High-school, I downloaded this beautiful app to make my day and selfies more realistic, beautify than ever before. We were actually going on a picnic and I needed to have some coolest filters, I look-up about selfie camera apps on Google Play.Bestie - Camera360 Selfie

I found Bestie selfie camera app, the app was really easy to use, pretty much interesting, my friends were actually asking me about the app I was using. Bestie actually got my back and made my day delightful. It offers so many features that I can not actually mention them all.

With over 500K downloads Bestie has become #12 most rated selfie camera app on Google Play.

Download Bestie – Camera360 Selfie

Sweet Camera – Selfie Filters, Beauty Camera

Make your 2019 more beautiful with Sweet Camera. A selfie filters & beauty camera is at your service to make your new year special. Be realistic with real-time beauty camera selfie effects. A powerful selfie photo editor and selfie camera. Sweet Camera features funny live stickers, face filters, makeup filter camera & beauty camera.Sweet Camera

You can also make collages of your favorite pictures, there is a collage maker waiting for your command. Learn more about personalization settings. A new start, a new dream, a happy new year with Sweet Camera.

Download Sweet Camera – Selfie Filters, Beauty Camera

Sweet Snap

A friend of mine was using Sweet Snap selfie filter camera on a party, I asked her about this elegant app and she explained it beautifully. Sweet Snap, just like its name the app is sweeter at its features also. The app offers features such as live filters, custom music video, one-touch sharing and more.Sweet Snap

Sweet Snap will definitely make your 2019 delightful.

Download Sweet Snap

Selfie – Enstyle

The #10 on the high-rated list of selfie camera apps for Android in 2019 is Selfie – Enstyle. I would also recommend this app if you’re having trouble with other selfie camera apps. Selfie – Enstyle is a filter selfie camera just like the rest but what’s makes it special is make photo a movie image. Yeah, now that’s something cool, you can actually make your photos a movie image with the help of Selfie – Enstyle app. It features powerful face recognition, beauty camera, numerous filters and more.Selfie - Enstyle

Download Selfie – Enstyle

Yeah, this is THE END of today’s article. I hope you guys enjoyed this list of high-rated selfie camera apps for 2019. Do share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂 Have a blessed ‘Happy NEW YEAR’.

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