Top 5 Best Ever Christmas Wallpapers APK for Android 2018 (Update)

Winter is knocking at our doors and so as Christmas. The joy of being together with your loved ones, after a year is priceless. Nothing excites me more than being together with my family and friends, cause we are all busy with our work during the whole year. Christmas is an excuse to be with your family again. I suggest you spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, give your time to the people you love, they also deserve your 5 best ever Christmas Wallpapers for Android 2018 (update)

During the whole year, We are all stuck in our work that it becomes impossible to have a meal together. Remember this, your work will never let you breathe at peace because it has become a habit, but one day you will wake up and realize you have lost your moon while counting the stars.

Let me tell you something, this is the 20th century and our generation is more advanced, youngsters seem to capture every moment in their smartphones. Our generation keeps precious memories in their handset, this is the one thing I adore about smartphones they are good at keeping precious 5 best ever Christmas wallpapers APK for Android 2018 (update)

Surely, I am not telling you to spend your time on your smartphone during family get together, but keeping those memories alive it’s better to capture. We girls love to take pictures, on every family occasion, after having lunch we would grab our handsets and start photo shooting the 5 best ever Christmas Wallpapers APK for Android 2018

In this post, I would like to introduce you some fascinating Christmas Wallpapers APK for Android 2018. Just as you dress up to look gorgeous wouldn’t it be amazing to have your Android wallpapers updated as according to the season? I would love to change my Android’s wallpapers every season. It reminds me that I am thankfully alive.

1- Christmas Wallpapers APK

The first APK file on the list is Christmas Wallpapers. I recently downloaded this app and it looks stunning. Christmas wallpapers will change the look of your smartphone, Desktop, or even tablet. The app is pretty much compatible with every Android device. Christmas Wallpapers decorates your device home screen with amazing, popular, delightful high-quality 4k Christmas background images. Below are the mind-blowing features of the app and click on the link to get APK file of Christmas Wallpapers.Merry Christmas wallpapers


  • High quality and high definition beautiful, a marvelous collection of Christmas wallpapers.
  • It’s compatible with almost all kinds of Android devices in the world.
  • It’s a regularly auto-updated app, get every day a fresh new collection of wallpapers.
  • HD, Full HD, 4k ultra HD, qhd nice and cute 4k Christmas wallpapers.
  • Once you installed it in your device, it works offline!
  • Internet connection requires only to share an update.
  • Get a free download of all the high-quality Christmas wallpapers.
  • Very simple and light app. Very easy to use. Stylish menu icon of the app.
  • Pinch to zoom in or zoom out the images.
  • You can save your favorite background wallpapers on your device. It’s available worldwide.
  • Very fast and safe wallpaper app. Share with friends and impress them.

Download Christmas Wallpapers APK for Android

2- Merry Christmas 2018 Wallpaper APK

In the list of Top 5 Best Ever Christmas Wallpapers APK for Android 2018, Merry Christmas 2018 Wallpaper APK is on the top #2. Merry Christmas 2018 Wallpaper is the free app that offers the most delightful Christmas images for your Android. The app can also work offline, means you can change Christmas images without an internet connection. As always sharing is caring, you can share your favorite Christmas Wallpaper with your loved ones via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Interesting features of Merry Christmas 2018 Wallpaper APK are described below.Merry Christmas 2018


  • Easy to use and always FREE!
  • No need an internet connection.
  • Does not affect battery performance.
  • Material design.
  • Use the images as wallpaper.
  • Share images.
  • Auto slideshow images.

Download Merry Christmas 2018 Wallpapers APK

3- 3D Merry Christmas wallpaper 🎅🎄 APK

Let me tell an interesting thing about this app, 3D Merry Christmas Wallpaper offers a super collection of Merry Christmas Wallpapers for Android. The app was specially designed with photos in HD quality, personalize your home screen with Christmas pictures. 3D Merry Christmas wallpaper 🎅🎄 is a live HD wallpaper features a sparkling Christmas tree, Santa Claus along with Christmas gifts wallpapers of Santa Claus. Here you will find 3D Merry Christmas wallpaper 🎅🎄 APK file, below are some features of the app you will love.3D Merry Christmas wallpaperss


  • The app works offline and wallpapers are also offline. So No need to download wallpapers. Now save your internet.
  • Collection of Christmas HD Live Photo is easy to see with Grid view.
  • Easy to set as wallpaper just tap on the Set wallpaper button See it on Screen Shots.
  • Every Christmas photo wallpaper is live an awesome and unique.
  • Merry Christmas wallpaper Supports all screen resolutions and Android devices including tablets.
  • You can share the app via Twitter, email, Facebook, Twitter, MMS and other forms of Share. Share the best HD quality Merry Christmas wallpapers theme and Live Photos to your friends.
  • Christmas 3d Snowfall live Photos the best experience at Christmas!
  • Support for 99% of the android screen resolutions and devices, including the tablet.

Download 3d Merry Christmas wallpaper 🎅🎄 APK for Android

4- Christmas Live Wallpaper Free APK

In my 5 top best ever Christmas Wallpapers list I would like to mention this amazing app. Christmas Live Wallpaper is a free app with stunning 3D live wallpapers. These live wallpapers feature such as sparkling Christmas tree and an amazing Christmas countdown. The app is pretty handy, personalized, easy to use. Further features of the app are described as follows.


  • Christmas Tree scene (6 animated camera motions)
  • 4 new Christmas trees and multi-colored sparkle mode.
  • Countdown scene (Countdown to Christmas, New Year’s Countdown)
  • Set your own custom countdown dates (Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries)
  • Combined Christmas Tree + Countdown or Clock (tap to switch between)
  • Clock scene with sparkling time and date. Great all year round.
  • Happy New Year scene (with fireworks), 3D Snow scene (day or night), Sky Lanterns scene, 3D Fireworks scene, and Valentine’s Day scene.
  • Choose your favorite camera angles and 3D animation fly-bys.
  • HD options to increase display quality. Great for tablets.

Download Christmas Live Wallpaper Free APK

5- Christmas Wallpapers 2018 HD APK

Sick of your old default screen wallpapers? But on Christmas, you need to do something with your smartphone. Make it elegant, alive just like you. Your Smartphone needs you, personalize it with Christmas Wallpapers 2018 HD app. Androiders! Behold because now I am going to introduce you to the best and the last app on this list of best ever Christmas wallpapers 2018. For your assurance, I’ve recently downloaded this app and its wonderful. I really enjoyed HD photos of Christmas wallpapers. Check out some of the coolest features of the app below.Christmas 2018


  • This app divided different categories like Christmas quotes, Christmas Wallpapers, Christmas Santa Claus.
  • Before Entering to app different Sliders are there to explain what content is there in our app.
  • Once downloaded, you can have it permanently and can be viewed offline Christmas Wallpapers.
  • Amazing and Free HD Christmas Wallpaper for your smartphone.
  • Better personalization, better experience Share them with your friends.
  • Christmas HD Wallpapers in 4k quality with HD.
  • The application works offline. This app doesn’t require the internet connection (Only for share or updates).

Download Christmas Wallpapers 2018 HD APK

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