25 Awesome Facts about Video Games you should know

25 Awesome Facts about Video Games you should know

Welcome to Error Geek, this post is based on 25 awesome facts about video games I think you should know. As I told you before, I am not a gamer but writing about gaming is the one thing I enjoyed rather than playing.

On Error Geek you will find pretty much everything about games. I hope you will enjoy this article and don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

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Super Mario

Super Mario Bros is a platform video game. It was developed and published by Nintendo. Nintendo is a successor to 1983 arcade game, Mario Bros. The game was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. Talking about Shigeru Miyamoto there’s is an interesting fact, his safety is very important to Nintendo that’s why he is not allowed to bike to work. Shigeru Miyamoto is also the creator of Donkey Kong.

  • Mario wasn’t always called Mario —> Developing of Mario’s character Nintendo originally gave him the name Jumpman. As you know the guy always jumps. The creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto also played with the idea of calling him Mr. Video. Later they finally decided to name the character Mario after the landlord of their American Nintendo warehouse.
  • Mario -The bad guy, Mario was actually a bad guy —> When he was given name ‘Jumpman’, he made his first appearance as a side character in the following classic Donkey Kong game. In Donkey Kong game, Mario mistreated his pet Donkey causing the ape to kidnap his girlfriend.
  • Mario is not just your average plumber as you might think —> Mario and Luigi as Mushroom Kingdom’s favorite plumbers. At that time, Mario was having a few career changes. A carpenter in Donkey Kong, while in other games he is performing as a medical physician, an archaeologist, a champion kart racer, golfing aficionado and the tycoon of a successful toy manufacturing company.
  • Happy Mario Day, A national Mario day is celebrated —> Did you know? A national Mario day is also celebrated on 10 March. It was chosen as you can see, MAR10 it resembles his name.
  • Mario makes cameo —> As you may not know but Mario actually made the appearance in other video games.25 Awesome Facts about Video Games you should know

The Legend of Zelda

The great video game maker of all time Shigeru Miyamoto not only created Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. He is the legendary creator behind ‘The Legend of Zelda’ video game series. When he was a child he was so focused on exploring things, he was wandering a dark hole near his town from then his parents also supports his decision this kind of parents are the best. He wanted to create a game that focuses on exploration rather than racking up the points.

  • Did you notice? the hero of The Legend of Zelda game, Link, he was left-handed in every game until the Wii versions were released. Wii versions featured a right-handed Link to help the right-handed noobs and their Wiimotes.
  • The American actor Robin Williams was a huge fan of the series. He had once expressed interest in voicing Ganon in a future game. Robin named his daughter after Princess Zelda, her name is Zelda Williams.
  • Players of The Legend of Zelda loved the subtitles. The subtitles were included in ‘The Hyrule Fantasy’ that made a lot of send given its a fantasy set in Hyrule. As we can see the title don’t make much sense for us to understand although it meant Zelda was legendary at being kidnapped.
  • The creator, Shigeru Miyamoto says that Link was formed after Disney characters. He only gave us the clue, Green tunic, pointy ears, best friends with a fairy. It was none other than ‘The Peter Pan’.
  •  The dungeons of The Legend of Zelda game are resembling their names. The Snake looks like a snake, The Eagle is shaped like an eagle and The Demon is shaped like Evil and so on.The Legend of Zelda

Halo Video Game series

Halo is a military sci-fi first-person shooter video game. It was created by Bungie, but now being managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

  • Halo was not a shooting game at first. Gamers know that halo was a real-time strategy game just like Warcraft, but they would still take control spartan units but nor as a first-person shooter.
  • The plot of Halo, at first was much smaller. Now it has many titles, which is great for the developers Halo was not originally envisioned as a trilogy.
  • In my opinion, the Master chief is like old, when the Halo trilogy begins Master chief was in his 40’s.
  • The Master Chief also had a major influence known as Punk. The main protagonist, Clint Eastwood. He is a tough guy and has an iconic Eastwood’s characters, Master chief is a man with no accurate name.
  • Levels were deceased, the first Halo was supposed to have 25 levels, not 10. That should have made the first Halo be a lot longer.Halo

Call of Duty

We all know Call of Duty is a superb video gaming series. It is one of the most popular game. The game originally started out as the PC game, but later expanded to consoles. There are many spin-offs of Call of Duty and became the most highly competitive video game in the market. Here are some of the interesting facts about Call of Duty.

  • Make-Money —> With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 make money in a simple way. You can make up to 775 million dollars in its first 5 days. Call of Duty video game series worth more than Avatar, Titanic and The Avengers movie combined. Can you imagine? 775 million dollars are more than Avatar.
  • Invest Time —> Everything, in fact making money worth some time investment. The Call of Duty players, according to a recent research, found to be spending their 1900 years playing the game, every day.
  • Real-life VS Game —> Using historical look-alike, Call of Duty has always mixed in historical facts with sci-fi storylines. Ever heard of a murderous, kidnapping dictator? well, you will probably hear this in Call of Duty. The former Nicaraguan dictator Manuel Noriega filed a lawsuit against the game for using his resemblance without permission, also portraying him as a murderous kidnapper.
  • A Bear (toy) —> Pretty much in every game of the Call of Duty video game series players noticed a teddy bear. Many gamers thought up countless theories, but no one knows why the bear appears in every game. One theory as that the game producer’s daughter died at a young age and this teddy bear was her favorite toy. Although, no one knows.
  • Time —> Okan Kaya an Australian gamer set a Guinness world record by playing Call of Duty for 135 hours straight. After all, he is a human being so he was allowed to have a 10-minute break for every hour of gameplay, he was also allowed to save those precious minutes to rack up a few hours of sleep during the session.Call of Duty video game


Minecraft was created by Markus Persson and developed by Mojang in 2011. No doubt both of them worked very hard on the Minecraft video game series. Here are some of the interesting and funniest facts about the Minecraft game.

  • Creation —> The very first version of Minecraft was created in just six days.
  • Name —> Minecraft name wasn’t the first name of the game. The game’s first name was much more straightforward. The creator of the game Persson referred to the project as ‘Cave Game’. The name was soon changed to Minecraft.
  • Inspiration —> Minecraft was inspired by many other video games such as s Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and Tycoon.
  • Creepers —> Minecrafter know this strang native species of the game known as ‘Creeper’. He is an electrically charged predator with a haunting mug. Markus was not trying to design such a monster, he was actually trying to create a pig. By inputting the code of Persson’s desired height and length and switched the figures, the result was the monstrosity ‘Creeper’. The players love him. Even he was accidentally created.
  • Mistakes —> You will notice that every once in a while the game gets its own name wrong. You will observe this change when you play the game 10,000 times. The menu of the game will flash a misspelling of its own title, reversing ‘E’ and ‘C’ to read as ‘Minceraft’.Minecraft

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