Watch Dogs has stopped working (SOLVED)

Watch Dogs is one of the best games you will ever play on your PC if you are already enjoying it on your Xbox One, PS4 then you might wanna learn how to install Watch Dogs in your PC right. However, if you tried installing it on your PC but somehow you were not able to finish installation process or the game stopped running due to some so-called .dll missing file i.e., msvcr100.dll, then I will suggest you must read the rest of the article. It will help you to fix the black screen of death, or hanging game issues.

What I experienced while I was running Watch Dogs on my PC and it suddenly stopped working. Well, the game works and runs fine when you launch the game launcher of Watch Dogs but intermittently crashes with ‘Watch Dogs has stopped working’.

Sometimes it stops at startup but it happens mostly when you play about an hour or so. It was driving me crazy right and so I started searching on how to fix Watch Dogs stopped working error. I came across some really wonderful facts about why it says ‘Watch Dogs has stopped working’.

Watch Dogs has stopped working (SOLVED)

I was confused about why this error is coming in the very first place because I verified all game files and I had the latest NVIDIA drivers.

My PC Configuration:

  • i5-4670
  • Graphic Card Gtx 770
  • 16GB ram

Method #1: Watch Dogs Stopped Working (Solution)

  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Go to Manage 3D settings → Program Settings tab
  • Add the file you launch the game from by clicking on Add button
  • In the setting window, change the ‘Power Management Mode’ to ‘Prefer Maximum Performance’
  • Run the program and check

Things you should do to fix Watch Dogs has stopped working

Things you should do that might help you to fix Watch Dogs has stopped working error:

  1. Try to make a clean installation of Nvidia 335 driver
  2. Try to make a clean installation of Nvidia 337 and crashes too
  3. Try to remove anti-aliasing
  4. Try to run it in 1660 of resolution from display settings
  5. Try to change video card to balanced type

Above are the things that you can do to see if they work for you because for people across the internet saying these are somethings you might wanna do to be able to play Watch Dogs on PC.

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