Everything to know about Mountain Dew Gamers Arena Championship in Pakistan

Hello Geekers, Every time I wonder what to share with you guys about gaming. I do a lot of research, obviously, that’s a life of a blogger, I’m not complaining cause I love what I do. So, let me tell you something, I was watching TV with my family last night and a Mountain Dew ad show up featuring ‘Dew Gamers Arena championship’, was not surprised by this, until I saw ‘in Pakistan’. That was absolutely mind-blowing for me, grabbed my laptop did a lot of research then I came up with this post that I am eager to share with you guys.

In this post, find everything you need to know about Mountain Dew Gamers Arena championship in Pakistan. As you know, Mountain Dew recently launches ‘Dew Gamers Arena Championship’ for the very first time in Pakistan. We are all familiar with Mountain Dew so it would be ridiculous to tell you about the history of Mountain Dew brand or products unless you’re from Mars (Sarcasm). As this post is different from the rest. Without further ado, I would like to begin with my research.

About Mountain Dew Gamers Arena Championship in Pakistan

Alright Geekers, this is serious Mountain Dew is more than just a beverage. Pakistan is a bright country and its youth is full of confidence they just needed a platform to internationally promote their country. This is the biggest opportunity for adventure seekers in Pakistan, the biggest gaming competition is now announced in Pakistan by Mountain Dew with the winning prize of Rs: 1 million. The Dew Gamers Arena is a platform being partnered by the international gaming giant ESL, that will be responsible for good and credible execution throughout the competition.Everything to know about Mountain Dew Gamers Arena championship in Pakistan

If I was a gamer I would never be in my comfort zone right now. Rise and shine Pakistani Gamers, Mountain Dew knows that gaming in Pakistan has been limited to small gaming zones, or competitions in universities/colleges, but its time to show who you are. With this gaming competition, the gaming scene in Pakistan will experience new heights. If you are a daredevil Mountain Dew is for all those who dare to push their limits to experience the unexplored. If you are not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zones and step into new territories join Mountain Dew Gamers Arena championship today.

The Event

The event was held in Lahore on 3rd October 2018. It was shared that the three months long tournament will decide the winner between two teams CS: Go and Dota 2. An exhilarating TVC of this project and the trophy for this tournament was revealed in the event. The event was featuring the top celebrities across the town including Feroze Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Mira Sethi, Hareem Farooq, Imran Abbass, and Cybil Chaudhry.

The marketing director of PepsiCo, Salman Butt, at the event of Dew gamers Arena, discussed the potential that gaming has in Pakistan and is all set to provide platforms like these to youth. He was confident about the future of gaming in Pakistan, it made us think about international gaming competitions in the future. He also praised Mountain Dew for bringing such joy among the gaming youth of Pakistan.Mountain Dew Gamers Arena Championship in Pakistan

As I mentioned before, Mountain Dew Gamers Arena is going to be the biggest championship in Pakistan with winning prize of Rs: 1 Million. Competition between the top gamers of Pakistan is divided into two teams – CS: Go and Dota 2. It means the top gamers from Pakistan will compete against each other for the title of the best gaming team in the country.

The Competition

The Dew Gamers Arena Competition will be composed of 32 teams per game per city all around Pakistan. The teams will be divided into four categories Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. The grand finale of the competition will be held on 8th December in Lahore, where one winner from each category will compete with other winners. The competition is all about the most played games globally that are CS: GO and Dota 2.


Mountain Dew Gamers Arena marked the official launch of the competition, that will go on for the next three months to decide the ultimate champion teams for CS: GO and Dota 2. Get ready by then gamers. For further details please visit Mountain Dew PK the registrations are now open and further details will be shared on the official pages of Mountain Dew.

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