10 Amazing Chrome Extensions for WordPress (2019)

Hello Geekers, welcome back on Error Geek. Yeah, I was just wandering around on Google, looking for some chrome extensions that may help me out during my work. As a beginner on WordPress and gaming industry, I mostly found myself confused, and wish there could be something that can help me out. You know while you work, you don’t have to just write, there are a bunch of other things i.e: taking screenshots, writing/spelling mistakes, finding out best keyword, fonts etc.10 Amazing Chrome Extensions for WordPress (2019)

Chrome Web Store is like a grocery market to bloggers. It provides thousands of apps, themes, extensions etc. Whenever a blogger needs some tools he goes straight to Chrome web store. As you guys can see, in this article, we are going to discuss 10 Amazing Chrome Extensions for WordPress (2019). I am going to highlight some of the coolest extensions that are available on Chrome as free. Let’s begin!

1- Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular Chrome Extension. Grammarly was specially designed to check spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. I personally use Grammarly while I write it helps me a lot with my writing and spelling. Grammarly helps you improve the readability of your content.Grammarly

2- LastPass

For a businessman, it gets harder to have access to all of your online accounts. LastPass is the best password manager tool. It is widely available on popular browsers as well as Chrome. LastPass allows you to choose a strong password and will automatically save them for you so that you don’t need to remember passwords.LastPass

3- CloudApp

As you all know, my site is about gaming in some cases I wish I could use a tool which can take Screenshots, record screens, and allows me to share with others. Chrome Extensions makes it easy for you. Here, I found it! CloudApp is all I ever wanted for my gaming content. CloudApp helps you take screenshots, record screens and share it with others.CloudApp

4- SimilarWeb

For a web-organizer, it is very important to take note of website traffic analysis. Every site goes through two phases, UP and DOWN. SimilarWeb helps you take a quick look at your website traffic. SimilarWeb will help you see complete stats of your WordPress website, it also works for any website and gives you an instant insight with just one-click.

5- Ahrefs

WordPress, in my opinion, is all about your website’s SEO. Ahrefs is the most helpful SEO tool available on the market. With Ahrefs you will be able to see why other websites are ranking so high and what you can do to improve your website. Ahrefs gives you an eagle eye to see one’s page with in-depth SEO analysis and keyword reports. Ahrefs also helps you find out keywords that will power-up your search traffic.Ahrefs

6- WPSniffer

WPSniffer is an amazing WordPress themes sniffer tool. WPSniffer is available on Chrome Extension where you can find out which theme is used on a WordPress website. It was specially designed to give you access to the active theme or redirects you to Google search with the details of the theme.WPSniffer

7- Evernote Web Clipper

I’m bored with the same old chrome bookmarks. Luckily, Evernote Web Clipper is a mind-blowingly helpful Chrome Extension for WordPress writers. We are all busy, with Evernote Web Clipper you can simply clip the webpage for later reading. Evernote is a bookmarking, social sharing, and task management tool all in one. It helps you highlight the important content on any website.Evernote Web Clipper

8- WhatFont

WhatFont is a font-knower tool if you’re visiting a WordPress site and wondering which font did they use? you just simply add the WhatFont Chrome Extension on your browser and Voila! you will know the font name by hovering on the text.WhatFont

9- Buffer

Sharing is caring everyone says that, share your WordPress content online with Buffer. Buffer helps you share your WP content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc available on Chrome.Buffer

10- Asana

The last one is probably for my use, I don’t know how to manage tasks maybe that’s because I don’t have a team. Asana is a popular productivity and task management tool available on Chrome extension. Asana helps you to manage your tasks easily from anywhere. It lets you create your own team and assign tasks with due dates. I would definitely try this one.Asana

Guys, this is the end of today’s article I hope you enjoy it share your thoughts in the comments below.

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